Crema was officially awarded as “European City of Sport 2016”, a reward that confirms the importance of sport and its value in the area.

The city has always been characterized by a significant cultural and social dynamism, a solid and concrete business network and a highly supportive context, attested by the number of organizations working in the voluntary and third sector.

A significant  part of volunteering happens in sport organizations, working in the area with  passion and enthusiasm to create new opportunities to spread the values of sport.

Crema as “European city of Sport” means that Sport is meant for everyone: kids, elderly, disabled. In this sense, the barriers that our aim is to break, are not simply the architectural ones, but – more frequently – the cultural ones, representing the idealization of the perfect body, the sport-man.  As long as sport means creating a community, the hole community has the right to practice sport.

Sport, for Crema, means much more. Sport aim for a simplification of the access to basic training facilities and for a promotion of opportunities for everyone in order to regain and pursue a series of value: social impact and citizen welfare, effectiveness of aggregation, creating team chemistry and, therefore, community; self-discipline, both in victory and defeat; health-education, fighting an inactive lifestyle; prevention of several cardiovascular and metabolic diseases that in our territory have a strong incidence; the value of work to reach goals; respect for the rules (as a sport-man and as a citizen) and for others (team mates and opponents).

Practicing becomes an opportunity for growth, strongly committing trainers, instructors and athletes with social and civil responsibility.


Crema municipality wants to create a strategy willing to formalize the offer of sportive excellence of the territory, not only seen as a recreational element, but focusing on social, cultural and health-care politics of the Cremasco area, in order to:

  • Put an important spotlight on the city of Crema
  • Apply and support sportive politics having a relevant impact on the society

Becoming European City of Sport means leaving a social heritage to city and citizen, being able to create a perspective of wellness and to develop and improve the area.

Sport is now believed for years to be the driving force for the development of social values, carrying out a central role for the education of youngsters, fitting perfectly in the area of Welfare and social politics.

Sportive Politics

  • SCHOOL: performing a crucial role in introducing sporting activities for youngsters, who see in these activities the main moment of participation, the school promotes a healthy lifestyle in a society characterized by its inactivity.
  • HEALTH: Medical researches support that practicing at least three times a week can prevent the main medical diseases.
  • DISABILITY: sport can be a tool to overcome all limits, being able to endorse the skill of every player.
  • FACILITIES: The area needs an improving in sport facilities. Main action will be lead in school structures and outdoor sport areas.
  • VOLUNTEERING: Basic values of volunteering well intersect with those of the sport :solidarity, passion and generosity. The aim is to involve elder and disables in the organization of events.
  • ENVIRONMENT: We want to develop a great attention to the protection of the environment, spreading such behavior in the organization of events.
  • INTEGRATION:sport is an vehicle of integration and social inclusion for all ages.